We ensure the HD video quality and separately mixed audio feed look and sound great. Previous PPV customers have often commented that it looked and sounded better than shows they've actually attended. Of course, it's up to your artist to put on a solid performance. But remember, since this is a live one-time viewing for each customer, fans will not expect an edited, overdubbed, perfect performance.

No. Afton TV pays for all audio & video production costs. There are no costs or financial risk to the artist.

The 72 hour viewing window allows customers to access the show over the next 1-3 days after the event. This prevents fans who have problems with their connection or their device from expecting refunds, since they can re- attempt later from a different location or device.

Afton TV has spent the past 3 years developing this HD broadcast and ticketing system. Our HD broadcast platform has been in use since mid 2013 over a wide variety of events, with customers all over the world. We've done live concerts, DJ events, and even a 15-person musical circus performance. To date, our ticketing system has sold over 750,000 tickets. Both of our platforms have been tested over many years, many shows, and have both been used without any problems.

Legal research has shown that normally, a label contract does not control the live performance of an artist or live stream. Usually the label only has rights to after-the-fact recorded music or DVD sales. The management will know what type of label contracts are in place, and will need to verify any restrictions that exist so we can broadcast the show.

Yes. The act has a say in the price point for the PPV tickets to some extent, if they want to charge more or less.
Per the contract, we will never use the footage unless the artist & management give us written consent. But yes, we capture the footage and audio so that the artist has the option for later use. The artist can re-broadcast the show later on or sell digital downloads of the live stream after the event. We can even negotiate giving the footage to the artist after the show if they want to edit or overdub it for a live DVD. This is all negotiable depending on the deal.

HD Broadcast Your Artist with Afton TV

Afton TV takes care of everything from start to finish - from the HD video and pro audio mix, to the e-commerce and customer support - all at no cost to the artist. The HD concert live stream monetizes your artist's worldwide fan base in one night, and offers an amazing experience for fans, that they can't find anywhere else. Your artist gets a profit-share on every broadcast ticket sold, on top of their normal guarantee and backend split for the show. With no extra work, they can multiply the profit they make from an already scheduled tour stop.

Afton TV can work directly with the artist management, if the promoter or booking agent do not want to deal with any of the HD broadcast details. If you have any questions, please contact us.